The Rain Forest of Brazil

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When you hear the name Brazil, what first comes to your mind? Most people will say the Amazon forest and others will tell you about the carnival that is held there annually. There is preservation of the rain forest going on but it does continue to get smaller each day. Portuguese is the common language of Brazil and water sports are the main attraction on the Atlantic coast.

If you want to head to the most popular beach, then Ipanema Beach is where you want to be. Sun bathers are always found here and most wear hardly anything at all. As you can imagine, for this reason it is not a beach for families with small children. People watching is a great past-time and this is the beach for it. A day trip will take you to the rain forest where you can find many species of birds and the amazing plant life too.

Indian tribes once lived along the river and the abandoned villages can still be seen. Backpackers will head to Jericoacoara for a break from hectic city life and if you want to save money on your next vacation, check out Thomson discount codes for special offers on tours, hotels and great getaways.

Parc Asterix: A Must Visit Theme Park

If you are thinking about taking your kids on a nice vacation, and Disney world is not the kind of holiday activity you prefer, maybe you should visit Parc Astérix. Parc Astérix is a theme park — a world class one I must say — designed with Astérix and the story’s theme. Your kids will surely love some of the adventures and excitements offered by this theme park based on the adventures of the popular cartoon character.

Parc Asterix is located just north of Paris. The surrounding area is actually a protected forest, so you can expect some great scenery around the theme park. Parc Astérix offers countless — rather humorous — adventures that both you and your kids could enjoy. You can enjoy experiences through ancient Gaul, the Roman Empire and the middle ages to today’s 21st century.

Meet the Gauls of prehistoric times or travel through Rome and Ancient Greece. You can even see some of the most popular characters such as the three musketeers while you enjoy rides and amusements throughout the theme park. The theme park currently hosts 30 permanent rides as well as several shows and entertainment options while you are there.

The Parc Astérix is just 22 miles off Paris, so you can arrange a nice stay at one of Paris’s fabulous hotels and enjoy the city while you are there as well. Your kids will enjoy a couple of days exploring the theme park, and the family vacation will be one of the best you ever experienced.

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