Top 5 weekend Breaks in the UK

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The top five cities of UK known for weekend activities include:


Liverpool, often called the “European Capital of Culture” has a number of activities to offer for people of all ages. Various events are held on weekly basis,including tall ships races, which go up to the Parade of Sail after departing from the Wellington Dock. Carnival weekend parades are also commonly held throughout the week. Every now and then, certain festivals are arranged specifically for children such as the “Imagine Festival,” featuring theatrical performances and fireworks.


There is a good chance you may never be able to get hold of a ticket for the most famous Cambridge Folk Festival, which is notorious for being a sell-out. The festival boasts famous personages such as Joan Armatrading and Allen Toussaint. In case you actually cannot get hold of a ticket, you can spend the weekend enjoying music,comedy and children’s theatre at the Jesus Green Park. However, it is recommended that you get tickets a few months ahead and find accommodation at one of the cheap hotels from Travelodge.


Manchester is known for its weekend Manchester Pride festivals, which feature a number of events like poetry evenings, treasure hunts, cheer leading lessons and non-stop partying known as “glamourageous parade.” In addition to these festivals, Manchester also boasts summer jazz festival. Music enthusiasts from all over the country start pouring in the city to enjoy world-class music fusions from over 60 bands at open-air gigs.


Bristol, one of the best party destinations in the UK, is known chiefly for nightlife activities. However, Bristol has a lot to offer for families as well including the famous zoo gardens featuring a variety of exotic animals, Bristol Museum and art gallery, aquarium, Berkeley Castle and Avon valley railway. If you get a chance, don’t miss out on the famous annual Poetry Festival, which is usually held on any of the weekends in September. The festival presents workshops and performances for literary figures of Britain such as Simon Armitage and Anne Stevenson.

Bristol is also famous for its Soil Association Organic Food Festival at the harbourside, which features food tastings and cooking demonstrations along the harbour. The festival is the largest celebration of all organic things in entire Europe, which means it goes far beyond food and drinks and includes clothing, home products,cosmetics and skincare as well.


Newcastle offers a number of weekend activities including nightclubbing as well as carnivals and festivals like the weekend psychic fair event and more. If you are along with your family, you might enjoy pro kart racing and paintballing or a barbecue river cruise. A number of comedy nights are arranged at different parts of the city, which cater to families as well as couples and individuals.

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