Vibrant Wedding Cake Ideas

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In this article you will get the chance to browse through a few of the most eye-catchy and trendy wedding cake designs you’ve seen so far, we can assure you of that! These cakes look so appealing and unique due to their vibrancy. The designers used different hot themes to make these desserts look both delicious and fashionable. We like the fact that these cakes come in bicolor themes and that the shades are chosen with style and class.

Unique Cake Designs

The colorful wedding themes are in big trend today and we are happy and excited to be able to provide you with these unique cake designs that you can select or get inspired from for your own reception. Modern couples have lots of contemporary designs and creative ideas to adopt or follow for their wedding cake. The style of the cake is perhaps the most important aspect you guys should take care of.

However, the flavor also plays a significant and essential role, but the first impression is always the one that remains. Your guests will criticize your wedding and classify it as a more or less successful event depending on the impact your cake had on them. The best way is to combine a fashionable color with an appropriate type of flavor for a successful couple.

For vibrant-colored wedding cakes, the best type of filling would be a spicy or fresh one. So let’s see what designs we have here for you. The first cake is a marvelous three-tiered square confection that features a ravishing earthy white and green theme. The designers used a funky green tiling pattern to decorate the tiers and oversized flowers and leaves to create an elegant ornament. This cake is ideal for eco-friendly or green-themed wedding receptions, as well as for retro or vintage events.

The second cake features four tiers and it comes in a fresh and refreshing white and orange theme. This color scheme is vivid and energizing and it can add more dynamism to the party. The tiers are also square shaped but they don’t feature the same size. The designers used orange plaid pattern stripes to beautify the layers and bright orange orchids made of sugar for the base and top of the cake.

If you want something more lavish, you can go for the vibrant white and orange cake in the third picture. The cake is covered in white fondant and it is accented with gorgeous graphic paper patterned trims. The bold orange orchid flowers are made of sugar and they add a nice tropical flair. The last cake comes in yellow fondant. We love the white frosted pattern and the sugar bands.

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